Accelerated Leadership Effectiveness Program

Program Details

Our core Accelerated Leadership Effectiveness Program is a monthly leadership training program, run over the course of six months. The program is designed to engage your leadership team in creating sustainable transformation in their leadership behaviours and achieving business results for your company!

We specialize in working with Owner-Managed Companies because we understand the unique challenges faced by business owners. Developing the bench-strength of leadership in your company will provide you, the business owner, with:

Greater freedom in your lifestyle and work life

More time and energy to focus on the strategic and impactful areas of your business

Grow your business and market presence

Achieve your personal and business goals more effectively

Significantly increase the valuation of your business

We will work closely with you to understand your business, its culture, leadership style, strategies and business goals. Collaboratively with you, we will identify the goals that you wish to achieve through Leadership Development and establish a process of measuring the effectiveness of our program that fits with identified goals.

Our Unique Approach

Applied Learning & Accountability to Action

Our approach to Leadership Development goes beyond the standard training approaches because we are focused on successfully developing behaviour change that is sustainable for individuals and drives measurable improvement for the organization. Many leadership programs deliver excellent education and training but do little to engage the participants in applying this learning into their work and daily lives.

“…adults typically retain just 10 percent of what they hear in classroom lectures, versus nearly two-thirds when they learn by doing. Furthermore, burgeoning leaders, no matter how talented, often struggle to transfer even their most powerful off-site experiences into changed behaviour on the front line.”McKinsey & Company

Our experiential learning approach is what sets us apart from other leadership training programs. Each month, your leadership team will strengthen their skills through:

  • Learning: Focused training on only 1-3 leadership best practices each month that are practical, and experienced through instruction, best practices, exercises, group exercises, role plays, etc.
  • Company Alignment: Facilitator-led discussion of how these skills apply to your unique experiences and how it is relevant to your company
  • Commitment to Application: Each participant commits to specific actions they will incorporate into their leadership approach
  • Follow-up Coaching:Learning and commitments are supported through a coaching conversation with the facilitator mid-way through every month
  • Peer Accountability to Growth: Group discussion of how the previous month’s learning was applied by participants

Our Process

Future Focus has been working with owner-managed companies for several years, and we are very intentional with building a leadership training program that is uniquely designed for small to mid-size enterprise (SME).  We created the Leadership Effectiveness Program with very specific principles in mind:

Practical – the concepts and training must be practical and relevant to leaders

Realistic – we don’t teach fancy theory… we teach real concepts that can easily be applied into our daily leadership

Impactful – our approach is to ensure there is a positive impact on the lives of our leaders and the businesses they work within

Habitual – you can’t change a person in a 3-day leadership program, but you can help leaders transition their skills and capability à one habit at a time:

Learn one or two concepts at a time

Interactive discussion and practice in class to make it real

Commitment and accountability to practice new habits

One-on-one coaching to support the new habits and discuss any barriers

Accountability to your peers in class

Affordable – we created our program to make it accessible and affordable to owner-managed companies!

Time-effective – in-class learning is a half day a month with one-on-one coaching by phone so leaders can remain active in their roles

As with our clients, we are continuously driving improvements to the Quality – Cost – Delivery of our products and services.  We further developed the Accelerated Leadership Effectiveness Program to make it even more impactful and affordable:

Brought all the best content forward, along with maintaining the principles of the program

Reducing the time commitment of participants from 12 months to 6 months to create more effectiveness in learning

Further reducing the budget for our clients by cutting the cost in half!

Smiling businesswoman gesturing in meeting in conference room

Benefits To Your Business

  • Develop the overall bench-strength of the leadership team
  • Achieve better business results through Applied Learning and Accountability
  • Increased employee retention and performance
  • Optimize performance throughout the organization
  • Engage employees and leaders towards your culture and business goals
  • Increase revenue, efficiency and profitability
  • Reduce issues related to poor performance and behaviour
  • Increase the speed and effectiveness of transformation and innovation
  • Develop an effective and shared process for managing and leading within your company

Benefits to Your Leaders & High Potentials

  • Apply practical and real-world solutions for effectively leading teams and managing goals
  • Open doors to new leadership opportunities within the organization
  • Improve ability to influence and interact with individuals with wide ranging personalities
  • Increase employee engagement levels and raise the performance bar of the team
  • Build stronger and more productive relationships
  • Provide effective coaching and mentoring to others
  • Develop and execute projects effectively
  • Increase accountability of the team to accomplishing objectives

Get Started Today

Get started today by reaching out directly to learn more about the upcoming Leadership Effectiveness Program class intakes. We facilitate leadership training in groups of 10-14 participants which allows for a great dynamic in discussion among the group and providing one-on-one attention.  Our groups can be organized according to what best suits our clients and your learning needs:

Company specific (minimum 10 participants): All participant leaders are from the same company which allows for stronger relationship building within your leadership team and enables company-wide collaboration.

Hybrid (no restrictions for # of participants):  Participant leaders are from two or more companies which allows for participants to learn about leadership and management styles within other companies which broadens their perspective on leadership practices.

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